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Be in the PinkBe in the Pink

Be Bold

The doors will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock.” 

-Tony Gaskins

What does it mean to "BE BOLD?"

Boldness it is often perceived as a grand gesture, standing out, or taking a risk. Where that may be true, to Be Bold can simply mean to be confident in who you are.  

In a world of trends, number of followers, and so many thoughts and opinions being shared, it’s easy to get caught up in it all and sometimes lose sight of your individuality. The remarkable things that make you who you are and stand out from the crowd are what brings true zest to your life. To truly be yourself despite what others think or do, now that is what it means to Be Bold.

Being yourself starts by staying true to your hearts desires and trusting the values in which are formative to who you are. Knowing and trusting what you believe in, what brings you joy, your fears, and your passions. Standing with confidence and knowing those things about yourself ultimately protects you from faltering in moments when you are challenged or face adversity. 

This confidence, boldness, is what attracts positive relationships in your life. Your ability to set boundaries is necessary to every relationship - including with yourself. The simple action of choosing to be yourself in all circumstances is one of the greatest boundaries you can set. 

To Be Bold is to Be in the Pink - by not only being yourself but being the best you that you can be. That level of confidence and self love makes you extraordinary. 

We at BE IN THE PINK empower you to Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Passionate, and Be Luxurious! We aim to bring this wisdom to create a space where women can Be Empowered to discover their best potential while growing alongside a community of women as brilliant and boldly beautiful as you are! 

So we encourage you to shop, engage, and discover how bold you really can be at Be in the Pink. 

Exclusive Be in the Pink Items:

Be in the Pink “Be Bold” Pendant
Be in the Pink’s Exclusive Pendant from the Elevation Collection - White Gold/Diamonds Engraved with “Be Bold” 
Be Bold Lipstick Cover for Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks
Be in the Pink’s Engraved Lipstick Case “Be Bold” - Neo Gothic Lipstick Cover from Guerlain, Rouge G Lipstick
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Be Courageous
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Be in the Pink’s "Be Courageous"
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