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Save the Bees

Save the Bees

The Bee was chosen as the logo for Be in the Pink to show our dedication to saving the Bees, and this blog will serve as an ongoing platform for educating our readers about the importance of bees to humanity, the threats they currently face, and the steps we can take to protect them. Contributing authors will provide the necessary information to help us understand the issue and what we can do to help.

This blog serves to provide helpful facts and insights. Please, spread the word to those who could benefit from this information. Comments and feedback are greatly encouraged, and if you're interested in contributing, please contact

To demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility, throughout the year, 10% of ALL proceeds from our Elevation Collection are allocated to charity initiatives focused on saving the honeybee. Several times a year, we will select organizations committed to Saving the Bees as our Charity of the Month, showing our commitment to helping the species in peril, and will contribute an additional 10% of ALL STORE SALES that month to this initiative. We thank you for your support.


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