Gemisphere Jewelry by BitP - Elevation Collection

We chose the bee as the symbol for our Be in the Pink logo because we discovered that their mission aligns with our own - to support, motivate, inspire, and elevate women. Just like bees, women can be brave and determined, which allows us to pursue our goals with confidence. Our Elevation Collection was specifically designed to support and uplift women, with each piece featuring a bee as a central design element.

The Bee-Inspired pendants were created with the aim of reinforcing the purpose of Be in the Pink. These pendants showcase uplifting phrases on the reverse, encouraging women to "Be Bold," "Be Passionate," "Be Courageous," and "Be Luxurious." We are excited to invite you to take the first step towards embracing the Be in the Pink philosophy, and join us on this thrilling journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Several of Guerlain's luxurious lipstick covers, sold separately, feature inspiring messages that complement the Elevation Collection beautifully. Find them here.

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