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Be Luxurious

“Luxury is a state of mind.” -L’Wren Scott

What does it mean to Be Luxurious?

When it comes to luxury, it doesn’t always mean fancy cars, dazzling jewelry, and extravagant vacations. For some, those things are not attainable.

One may find that a simple hot bath with a glass of wine is their ultimate luxury. Perhaps it’s a brand new lipstick with a personalized case that could make a woman feel brand new. Possibly a scarf that brings color to her life and gives her that needed confidence boost. A gifted necklace that makes her feel loved every time she wears it. Maybe it’s a place, like a fine dining restaurant on a special occasion or a day of shopping at a favorite store. Or how about poolside on a summer day? I think we can all agree that’s a luxurious feeling! 

The point is, to Be Luxurious will look a little different for everyone because we each have our own inner sparkle that is unique and beautiful. There will be times that inner flame may dull; it’s in those moments when we can depend on the riches that ignite our lives, and have confidence in embracing those pleasures, without guilt. Sometimes, we need an external source to bring a sense of wealth, wholeness, and fulfillment - to Be Luxurious.    

We at Be in the Pink take great pride in providing those “riches” that give women a sense of luxury and confidence. Aiming to provide attainable access to luxury that caters to all types of women. We encourage you to explore our collections and discover your special something because everyone deserves to Be Luxurious!  This is how the curation of our exclusively designed Bee Pendants by Gemisphere Jewelry in the Elevation Collection came about. We wanted to share pieces that could be a constant reminder to Be Empowered to Be in the Pink.

- Christiana 

1 comment on Be Luxurious
  • Sarah

    Lipgloss, no matter the color. That’s a luxury to me.

    July 10, 2023
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