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Be in the PinkBe in the Pink

Be Courageous

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud.” -Coco Chanel


There will come a time when you may face uncharted territory - bringing you a great sense of uncertainty, intimidation, or even fear.  To face those moments with bravery and strength is that which defines courage. Unleashing your inner warrior spirit to take on what you’re facing despite what may behold ahead or what is left behind.

In the same light, knowing that your life can be shaped to become whatever you choose it to be is based upon the ability to work hard, striving with diligence and integrity.   

As time relentlessly goes on, we reach moments where we are forced out of our comfort zone to grow and evolve into the person we were meant to be. To have courage in our next step does not mean we don’t have fear. It is quite the contrary; to have courage, despite our fear, makes it all the more powerful.   

An excellent model for courage is a lioness who takes on the leadership role by honoring her power and respecting herself to achieve the respect of her pride. Her ability to make decisions that will gravely affect what happens to her and those around her requires integrity and a courageous heart that is true to her spirit. 

We as women are a lioness, the “leaders of our pack,” and can mirror that same heart and spirit that is required to Be Courageous in making the grave decisions we will face.  

We at Be in the Pink empower you to Be Courageous which will help you to achieve your greatest potential, therefore representing what it means to Be in the Pink. This concept is what came to be the inspiration for the collection Primal Self. All products within the collection are intended to help you unleash your inner animal warrior spirit!    

Let your lioness ROAR! 


See Our Exclusive Be in the Pink Items:

Be in the Pink Pendant “Be Courageous"
Exclusive Be in the Pink, Citrine with Yellow Gold, engraved “Be Courageous"
Be in the Pink “Be Courageous” Lipstick Case by Gurlain Rouge G
Exclusively Engraved “Be Courageous” from the Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick Collection
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