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Be in the PinkBe in the Pink

Be Passionate

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela 

What does it mean to Be Passionate? 

Our capacity of achievements aren’t always governed by motivation or discipline. Arguably, passion is the driving force to every move and decision we make and what we fall on amidst the moments of doubt or fear. We all find ourselves lost at times but the concrete reminder of our passions are what centers and moves us through each phase. 

Whatever may capture our hearts, drive us to take action, make change, to engage, to create, become greater, do better, or to embark on new journeys. These actions are all driven by passion which can only be discovered within. The intensity of this feeling is so raw and undeniable that it becomes the core of who you are.

To Be Passionate is to know and love yourself by taking the space to explore your passions and seize opportunity to embrace those passions. Unharnessing your enthusiasm about life and what you love; allowing your inner sparkle to shine. This is what it means to Be in the Pink. 

We are a community of women who empower one another to embrace their unique beauty and passions; believing that with the right love and passion even the unthinkable is achievable. It is our PASSION to empower you and other women to Be Courageous, to Be Bold, to Be Passionate, and to Be Luxurious - to BE IN THE PINK! 

This is how the curation of our exclusively designed Bee Pendants by Gemisphere Jewelry in the Elevation Collection came about. We wanted to share pieces that could be a constant reminder to Be Empowered to Be in the Pink.


Check Out Our Exclusive Items:

Lipstick Case, pink jewel
Be in the Pink’s Engraved Lipstick Case by Guerlain, Rouge G engraved with the words “Be Passionate"
Be in the Pink “Be Passionate” Necklace
Exclusive Be in the Pink Pendant, Pink Sapphires with Rose Gold, Engravd with “Be Passionate"
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