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Where You Wear Your Ring may Have Special Meaning

Where You Wear Your Ring may Have Special Meaning


The finger placement of your ring(s) may be significant. Wearing rings may symbolize love, family tradition, wealth, and ornamentation. The reason for wearing a ring can depend on personal or cultural choices. Rings with family crests engraved on them, for instance, are passed down through generations.

Wedding rings are used almost everywhere to show you are married or committed to another. In Western culture, for many years, men rarely wore wedding rings. But during World War II, men wore rings as a sign that they were carrying their love with them. Despite this, many men still choose not to wear wedding rings in the West.

According to psychology, history, and other observations, different hands and different fingers have special meanings. The finger you wear your rings on MAY say a lot about your character and what you put into the world, intentionally or unintentionally. The following, however, is a fun way of looking at something we may take for granted (and may decide to continue to do so.)


The left hand receives energy; thinking and creating hand; feminine essence (yin side); receives or elaborates on specific qualities or skills.

The right hand gives energy to the outside world - physical action, masculine essence (yang side). Use the right hand to share specific qualities with the universe; wear a ring on the right hand if you already have a specific quality to want to share or manifest to the world.


Focuses on grace, love, beauty, and compassion.

Wearing a ring on this finger may symbolize status, dignity, trust, intelligence, and intention. It is associated with etiquette because, at one time, sophisticated people ate without using the pinky (index) finger - or trust, as in using the pinky for a “pinky swear” or “pinky promise.”

Some examples:

1. Status symbol - Ancient Romans wore rings on their pink finger to “modestly” hint at their wealth.

 2. Honoring tradition - Signet rings are worn on the pinky ring and may include a family crest.

 3. Indication of a person’s sexuality - wearing a pinky ring to signify sexual orientation is still in fashion.

 4. Affiliation with the mafia - mafia members in the past wore pinky rings to pay for their finer expenses in the event of their death or to show other members they were part of the club.

In palmistry, the pinky finger represents intuition and the ability to tap into instincts. It represents the planet Mercury per astrology and palmistry, representing intelligence, communication, persuasion, and intuition. The crystals that boost finger ring qualities are amber, citrine, moonstone, and aquamarine. Natural element: air


Focuses on grace, love, beauty, and compassion.

Wearing a ring on this finger may mean romance, sensuality, and/or exuberance. Because of marriage traditions, it is nicknamed the ring finger. Wearing a wedding/engagement ring on the right ring finger is customary in India, Russia, and other Eastern countries; wearing it on the left is customary in most Western countries.

The sun rules the ring finger per astrology. The base of this finger is called the “Mount of the Sun” or Apollo and symbolizes relationships, creativity, and the love of beauty. Crystals that boost ring finger qualities: green jade, moonstone, rose quartz. Natural element: fire


Attentive, self-confident, and kind

Wearing a ring on the middle finger may symbolize balance, harmony, and wisdom. This finger evenly divides the hand, representing balance on each side. Wearing a ring on this finger is most likely a personal or aesthetic choice and can be a symbol of individuality and self-expression. Wearing a ring on the left middle finger creates a direct connection with the heart.

Embodies Saturn in astrology and palmistry and is the symbol of good and evil, truth-seeking, obedience and rebellion. Saturn stands for balance, justice, the law, responsibility, and should-searching and represents the art of creating borders in astrology. Crystals that boost middle finger qualities: clear quartz, coral, pearls. Natural element: earth


Authority, leadership, and assertiveness

Wearing a ring on the index finger - pointer finger - may represent authority and assertiveness. It is used to command others and direct them as needed, holding much power. It may represent a person’s desire and may signify ambition. Yes, noticeable rings on this finger may indicate a person with high status or wish they did.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of this finger per palmistry and astrology, symbolizing self-confidence, leadership, ambition, and spirituality. Crystals that boost index qualities: blue topaz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, emerald, peridot. Natural element: water.



Strength, confidence, independence, and freedom

Thumb rings are largely worn to make a statement in many places around the world. Wearing a ring on the thumb can signify independence and self-assertiveness and serve as a reminder to stay true to oneself. It may focus you on improving every kind of relationship, including friendship, love, & business, with a new positive attitude. Thumb rings have replaced pinky rings for many as the place to put a personalized band with your own sense of glamour. This is seen as friendly, playful and perhaps unique and understated. Thumbs are the best place to start if you’re adding rings to your look as it has the least major meaning. 

Mars is the ruling planet symbolizing power. Crystals that boost thumb qualities: Rubin, garnet, diamond, moonstone, amethyst. Natural element: ether


Rings on fingers symbolize unbreakable unity and infinite love as rings form a never-ending circle. Rings on fingers may feature talismans representing spiritual belief.

Ultimately, the decision of which finger to wear a particular ring should be based on personal preference and comfort, and so the placement of a ring on a certain finger does not have to convey a specific message or meaning unless you choose to make it so. But you may find you have made certain choices that you find revealing and you will probably have fun now observing the choices of your friends.


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