This is Sarah

To me, "Be in the Pink” represents a state of mind where we feel our happiest and healthiest. It's a state that's achievable for everyone and doesn't have to be complicated. Simple luxuries like treating ourselves to a fabulous new handbag, dazzling jewelry, or even a new lipstick can help us feel our absolute best. Feeling amazing every day is important for our overall well-being, and we all deserve to experience it.


Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am the Founder and CEO of Be in the Pink. For almost 20 years, I helped my husband realize his dream of running a successful off-road industry company, which we started in our garage and named Toytec Lifts. We sold aftermarket suspension and accessories parts, specializing in Toyota trucks. Over time, we moved into our own building and hired over 30 employees, making it a very successful company that we are very proud of. However, the business became overwhelming, and my husband and I decided it was time to retire, so we sold the company.
Initially, we planned to enjoy our retirement days by relaxing on the beach, but after a few weeks, I found myself asking, "Now what should I do?" I realized that I am too young to retire and that I have my own ambitions and desires. I know that I can be more than I am, and so my new adventure begins.

After much consideration, I decided to embark on this exciting new venture that perfectly aligns with my lifelong passion for fashion. Not only am I following my dreams, but I'm also striving to make a positive impact on the world. And that's exactly what Be in the Pink is all about! Our fabulous range of designer accessories, including handbags, wallets, scarves, jewelry, beauty products, and bath and body essentials, are just the beginning. We have a bigger mission, and that's to make a real difference in people's lives. 

I am dedicated to ensuring that every purchase you make through our platform has a positive impact on the world. To achieve this, we pledge to donate 10% of our profits (which can go up to 20% for certain collections) to a different charity each month. We will maintain a special "Charities" section on our blog where we will list the organizations we support and provide detailed information about them. Keep an eye out for updates!"

Because we are new, we didn't raise much for charity in 2022. We re-launched the company in October, which is also “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” so we chose to benefit the Susan G. Komen organization. We fell short of our goal, but we were able to contribute $500 to the charity. Then in November & December, we raised just under $750 for the American Lung Association. All things considered; we still did okay. We want to help as many as we can, so hopefully our wonderful customers will help Be in the Pink make a difference for this & all generations to come.

Some are wondering about the name of my company and why I decided to name it “Be in the Pink.” It started with my mom who’d suggested “IN THE PINK,” which I loved! She knows that I love anything pink, so I researched its meaning. The idiom "In the Pink" derives from the original meaning of the word "pink," before it became the name of a color. “In the Pink" was used to describe how the pink dahlia looked in its prime state. This expression, In the Pink, became commonly used to describe someone who is in their superior state, or in the best of health, body and mind. A while later, this expression was used to officially name the color of pink. 

I was excited to name my company “In the Pink,” but couldn’t when I discovered that the domain name was already taken, by none other than the #1 doll most girls grew up with. You know the one I mean, the one who has a pink beach house, a pink car, clothes, and accessories for every occasion. So, I added “Be” to the front because Being in the Pink is what we can all aspire to achieve. Luckily, the domain name “Be in the Pink” was available. Happily, I learned the name was also available for all state and federal licenses. Thus, Be in the Pink became the official name of my company. It was kismet.

I then got busy, along with the help of my wonderful assistant, Carlene, curating collections that I believed would help women Be in the Pink. We do our best to have what you want, but it's possible something isn't available on our website that you are wanting. We have contacts throughout this industry, so we will do our best to find whatever you want, so please feel free to reach out & we will do our best to get you what you desire. Contact us at or call/text 720-456-0234.

We also want to give women an opportunity to inspire each other by sharing their moments of "Being in the Pink". Please, share with us your stories and pictures. We will post them to a page devoted to our shoppers wishing to share moments of their own personal greatness.

After you have received your item & you are happy with your experience, please do a review of your purchase. It only takes few moments & remember that your opinion can go a long way.   

Please, take the time to look around our site. Find what inspires you to "Be in the Pink."  

Sarah, Founder, Director, & CEO