Anastasia Soare revolutionized the brow industry when she introduced her patented Golden Ratio® eyebrow shaping method to the world. Since 1997, Soare's Beverly Hills salon has helped people achieve their dream brows. And in 2000, she made it possible for everyone to get Anastasia-approved salon brows at home with her line of eyebrow makeup.

Anastasia Soare has rapidly established Anastasia Beverly Hills as a leading global beauty presence, disrupting the industry with her innovative Golden Ratio® process. This procedure provides balance, proportion and symmetry, ultimately enabling us to appreciate a person's beauty.

Anastasia's products are meticulously crafted to provide high-quality, professional-grade results even for those without experience in makeup application. With 25 years of expertise and revolutionary makeup techniques, it's no wonder Anastasia is the leader in prestige beauty.


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